Doug: So I hear you found a painting?

Sarah: I DID. I was perusing my usual art critique blogs like important art critics like myself DO, and lucky for me, there was a hott new pic on “google image search: ‘oil painting’.”

Doug: WOAH. What does it look like?

01 sunflower

Doug: Is it a sunflower?

Sarah: IN THEORY it is a sunflower.

Doug: But I think it’s lacking in executional skill. I see ALL the brush strokes.

Sarah: But I think that might be part of its painterly charm.

Doug: More like painterly suckage!

Sarah: More like painterly finesse!

Doug: I’ll give you that.

Sarah: It adds to the potential of the sunflower being a metaphor for something brown/engulfed in flames.

Doug: Meaning flames have brush strokes?

Sarah: Amen to that, brother.